Monday, August 10, 2009

And then they became home owners.

After months of going through ups and downs - fights with housing agents and home owners, having our hopes crushed after offers have been accepted, its time to pop out the champagne and toast to a lovely home.
We have been blessed with a property our first and we are really excited about it it. After looking for 6 months we finally found a house that spoke to us or we liked and made an offer that was accepted and we got the bond so we now property owners. Good bye to rent and helllloo to bond payments.
we are home owners... :) its a two bedroomed house with a huge loft that cant be converted into three bedrooms , two full bathrooms , 2 garages and a big enough compound in a complex which means security as well. Another bonus we are allowed to have two animals. House hunting isn't a pleasant sport to venture into neither of us thought it would be such a pain . But alas the lord knew which house was meant for us. the sellers were such lovely people we went through the house one evening very reluctant and actually liked the place. And when we got into the car we phone the agent and told her we liked the place and put an offer. I think literally in an hour she called us back to tell the owners of the house liked us and accepted our offer. Though we placed an offer we had some concerns not with the house it was with us and well, it meant cutting out a lot of luxuries and change of lifestyle if we wanted the house. Secondly, there was another offer on the place and they were willing to pay more than we were. and we signed the papers, applied for the bond, and it got approved in exactly five days which is unheard of at this time its usually longer and we had been given 5 days to secure the bond and at midday Wayne received the call from the guys at the bank saying it was approved in four working days and the house is now ours. We hoping to move in mid November but we shall see how it goes.
Its mixed emotions for me , though Wayne is so excited. I'm sad to be leaving the farm with the animals and all. As dad said you cant always get what you want in life, you win some lose some.