Wednesday, May 12, 2010

World cup fever.

Oh yeah!!!! it's here as they are saying it but I don't know if I'm excited about it. its just one of those things I'm a football fan but I think this world cup thing is not getting to me. the strikes going on in the name of the world cup, road construction, I just want things to go back to normal. On the other hand in our house the excitement is going over the roof, Wayne got his tickets and is now so excited to be a part of this world event. In protest I'm not going to watch any matches. When Wayne was buying tickets he called me to tell me about it and tell me he had applied for a ticket to one of the games with me and I kindly declined the offer. Luckily they only approved the games he was going with the boys . so that means I don't get to go. Well for those getting ready to come here . Hope you have a great time and be responsible, cautious and look after yourselves. Otherwise have a good time. there is a lot of football mania if I may call it. and the country is quite colorful except for the person near my work place that blows their vuvuzela at 6.30 am what a freak.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Xtine,

Happy birthday our sweetheart , we hope you have a wonderful day and get to enjoy it. hope to chat to you later.
lots of love and kisses from us.

Another visit !!

Last week on Friday I received a phone call off a strange number and at first I was hesitant to answer anyway I did and to my surprise my dear friend Bridget was on the other side. They were in town for only the weekend in transit to Uganda and we had to meet up. Wayne was studying for his exam on Monday so I went alone to meet them. We met at their hotel and went out to lunch with some friends of theirs. Jose and Sofia. It was great company with lots of laughter and good food. Shame little Don wasn't feeling well he slept through out lunch and woke up just before we left. After lunch we parted ways with Sofia and Jose and we went shopping more less shoe shopping and Don got a little bit worse and his mom suggested she decided to take him back to the hotel and I went with. We left Collin to continue shopping . When we got to the hotel room, Don got a little bit better and became so lively he was talking ,laughing and demonstrating his roar ... a cute lion. He is such an intelligent kid. Its amazing to see Bridget as a mother she is such a pro its like she was born a mother. They are such lovely parents to their little boy Don. It was fun seeing them and cant wait to see them again during the world cup.
Don doing his roar

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Silence: Studying in progress

image from google
That is what I wish was happening now. Oh boy if there is a time that we both dread its the exam time but we are thankful for the blessing of education and that we can have it and be able to better ourselves. oh being part of the young women at church. The strength of youth manual always comes to mind where we are counseled to seek continuous education. I know its a pain now but after graduation it will all be worth it. I especially feel sorry for Wayne because with his calling and work boy is he lucky to be able to have an evening to study and I know he will get through. He started his exams earlier than me and finishes two weeks earlier too. I on the other hand don't really have an excuse to fail, I cant get me to sit still and study. note to self: need to focus. And end of exams means we get to see our family in Durban. wooohhoooo cant wait for 28th may:) my last exam and we fly out that night after my exam for a weekend of the triple 000 party.