Friday, February 25, 2011

A good day

How can I tell its going to be a good day?
When we see a "bride" standing handing out fliers at 6am by the traffic lights about 5km from our house. I dont know how she was handling the cold, it was chilly in the morning. And, yes it was a good day .

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Love letter

My day has been on an emotional high thanks to my wonderful husband I haven't stopped smiling since I found an envelope in my lunch bag. I'm so blessed to have a wonderful husband who is my best and a great companion a nd lover.I found the loveliest letter which said just what a girl needed to hear/read. I had butterflies in my stomach reaading the letter as tears streamed down my face. I love this man so much, I'm just going to lie down next to him and have a good cuddle. Good nite.. :)
the writing pad and envelope was all so girly and cute

Decisions !!!!!

I'm turning 30 this year sob sob.... I have been reflecting or rather wrestling with thoughts of growing up and sometimes I wonder what the heck did I do with my life on the other hand I cant be believe how far I have come. I don't know if people i.e normal people go through this but yikes I'm pretty terrified to put it mildly i literally get goose bumps thinking of it. Two issues that are waking me in in cold sweats in the middle of the night.
So I'm studying trying to be a "better" adult don't get me wrong I love what I'm studying psychology its my second degree!! yep I'm a nerd for sure, and I'm left with a year to go then honors and masters. After that wait or it I'm going to enroll and do medicine. The downer here, I didn't study sciences in my A-levels so I have to do a years studying worth of sciences; chemistry, physics and biology to write admission exams. I'm not looking forward to turning 30 but surely looking forward to turning 40. WHY??? I will be a qualified doctor lets just say psychiatrist.

Besides that as I would suppose every healthy woman goes through that phase, CHILDREN. I for one I'm not over worried about having kids, I go through phases but all in all they are minimal I don't think I can count past my five fingers of the time I have been broody by that i mean ohhh thats a cute dress I wanna buy it. On the way to work yesterday I was telling Wayne how kids ruin one"s life. Yeah they are a blessing but hey sometimes I cant help but think selfishly, everything will change I love the way things are I already have kids o worry over ; fudge and jiji but I don't have to loose sleep over their sleeping patterns and all. To make matters worse I'm allergic to any pill so having had my bc out. Its a prayer to God every time of the month for the visit from aunt rose. Is it really worth taking the plunge??? Of course if it was up to mom we would be with four kids by now having been married for four years. Just thinking allowed here.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Doctor's Appointments

Last evening after work we dashed off to our chiropractor; Dr. Wayne's office for Wayne's appointment. I on the other hand I'm needed for "moral" support and well the hot chocolate. The office atmosphere is so calm with lots of signed autograph's from theatrical performances but what amazes me is this. Excuse pic quality I used my phone.
I guess boys will always be boys. Its Liverpool all over the place in the consultation room.Shame Wayne was so sore. I drove for 10 minutes and we pulled off at the road side for him to drive. I wanted to chat to my friend Bridget and Wayne is a nervous passenger so I'd rather he drove.

Our friends Desmond and Karen had a baby girl cute little princes Emma Taylor, we visited them last evening and headed home had pizza in bed while watching CSI and crushed.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anniversary get away

After our sealing at the temple
We made it to fours years and I don't think I would change any thing since we started dating, I'm married to by best friend, a wonderful husband and lover. I'm so blessed to be with him for eternity. And I'm looking forward to many more years to come.
We went away to Dunkeld Country Estates, a beautiful place and it couldn't have been better, the scenery, the house we were in was at a secluded part of the estate lots of privacy, it was great and their services wonderful and the cherry on top I was with my wonderful man. And a surprise for valentines day Wayne organised a facial and massage for me. What more could a girl ask for. It was so relaxing, we went on game drives, did some fly fishing- trout, prior to that I made it clear to Wayne I wouldn't eat the fish we caught. I think its torture yeah that is my opinion ridiculous as it is but I will eat the one bought from the shop. Can't wait for our next holiday in three months. All in all it was worth it. Happy Anniversary love. fly fishing with our nemesis in tow
beautiful large tree trunk by our place
ducklings in one of the ponds
game drive

the view was stunning
flower by door step
Wayne all chilled and relaxed, its been a while glad this holiday happened.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Keeping me company while I pack

yep, her spot
After trying to keep our closet doors closed, I can say I lost that fight. Jiji finds it rather comfy to sleep on her daddy's clothes. Apparently, Wayne's neatly folded clothes rocks her to sleep. Once a week I take the item on the top and do a wash and fold it and place it in its rightful place. When she can get into the clothes closet she falls asleep in his shoe boxes or gym bag.
Last night as I packed in the guestroom, she came into the room and made herself comfy. And to get her off was a mission, lets just say kitty scars for life.
Done with the packing can't wait to get home after work and on the road to a fabulous weekend.

Dear Victoria I thought we were best friends, I'm hoping your secret will be in my post box when I got to fetch our mail after work. Please don't disappoint me; best friends don't do that!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The list..... the wait .... its almost here !!!

I hate making lists, I always prefer to go with the flow I didn't think I was forgetful but with the event that took place this morning oops, I baked muffins for Wayne's colleague's birthday and I forgot them at home. It's and hour and half one way drive home.

I guess this one is different, we had our 4th Anniversary on 27th Jan. And we are taking the weekend of to relax and just enjoy being us. I don't want to forget anything as it wont be easy to drive 250km looking for stuff in the middle of nowhere.
I's just beyond excited. Packing tonight !!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long over due

Happy holidays, birthday, new years and many more that I missed out on. Due to factors beyond my control mainly laziness, the blog has been in desert mode. But I'm back and hoping to make it better this year. I know its always this year is going to best but I'll have to see about that . How about I just say I'm going to do my best.
For starters who would not want to have long eye lashes.
Well Buddy definitely heard the bell of eye lash growth when God was creating the earth.

isn't he cute