Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cloudy Day

There is a flu bug who has sought residency in our house. I hope it doesnt  thinks its permanent as tonight after seeing the doctor the eviction notice will be given. Im home didnt go to work and Wayne had to go though he is not well at all.
He just returned on Monday from a four day cruise with dad  to the portuguese islands. It nice to have him home we missed him dearly. Our home now has the complete feel, with Fudge very happy to have his daddy back. Alot has happened in the last two weeks  but will share when the time is right.
At the moment we feel so blessed and do not take anything for granted and filled with gratitude.
My mind is abit clogged up from the flu hence time to go back to bed and rest.

Cold water showers???

Our geyser called it quits on Thursday night, I thought we had been robbed and the thief left the water running. The electricity went off at about 1am and I decided it wasnt worth losing sleep over it would be sorted out by the time I work up to get ready for work.
 Shortly after the power went out awater started running outside I was so sure we were being robbed. I woke Fudge up to go see what was going on after tossing and turning from the loud water running. I got to the door and asked him to go out and check. Fudge refused to go out in the cold I eventually equipped myself with pepper spray and a torch and rushed out only to find water flowing from the roof. He is supposed to be my protector but I guess he is one spoilt dog that thinks he is human.
5am came and  we were in darkness, so I went out to check and we were the only ones that didnt have power. Checked our db and it had tripped. All this happens when Wayne is not around. Only expect a solution soon as its either cold showers or boiling water to shower out of a 20 liter bucket. I have learned not to take the small things for granted.