Wednesday, March 7, 2012

12 Weeks - 3 Months Old

Our baby turned 3 months on Monday, its unbelievable how fast time flies!! She is getting bigger each day. And still such a joy to be around. And cannot imagine our lives without her. she is smiling a lots and lots and has the most gorgeous smile and I'm not bragging because she is our daughter she actually does.She loves her bath time and screams when taken out of her bath. She is a good sleeper. we can't complain. She is growing so fast and most of her 1-3 months clothes fit no more. She is rolling so we can't leave her on her own. Our baby is growing so fast. Here are some pics of her. I can't stop myself from taking pictures and once I start she is the only one who says stop that is when she has had enough.

Different expressions

We love our daughter to bits
On Saturday while chilling in the lounge as I rocked Sarah to sleep, it worked and I took her and tucked her into her carry cot, switched on her monitor and came back into the living room. As soon as I sat down the alarm went off!! Boy did we jump and scrambled to get into the bedroom like the whole house was on fire. When we got to her bed side we had woken her up because of all the noise and she was looking at us like who interrupted my sleep. Here we were thinking why isn't Sarah breathing , she has just been tucked in. It turns out, earlier in the day we had gone shopping and I had to remove the sleep/breathing monitor from underneath her mattress and had put it under my pillow and forgot to put it back when we got home. So when I switched on the monitor it obviously didn't detect any breathing  and the alarm went off. Sigh what a relief.
This is how I prop Sarah up when laying our bed so she can see me
We love these gorgeous hazel eyes