Sunday, December 27, 2015

Long over due

Its been over two years since I blogged. to be honest i just slacked and every time I wanted to blog I felt I had a lot to write/say and ended up just writing them in my   mind.
we have moved and lived in three countries; Kenya, Malawi and Uganda since I last blogged, lost a family member our four legged jiji and gained a puppy magic and a kitty called chocolate chip.
oh and I lost my password to sign into blogger. A lot has happened and i will share some of them after introducing flash back days into my blog. I'm going to use this blog as a family journal and will make it into at the end of the year.
2015 to be honest sacked a little. hoping 2016 will be more appealing. That been said, we had a wonderful Christmas, it was one to remember.  hope you all had a wonderful one. much love,
the cooks