Monday, June 28, 2010

A busy weekend

This weekend one one hell of a busy one, just lots of catching up to do. We haven't had a weekend together at home since march there has been something pretty much every weekend. And this weekend was not any different , we had a relief society activity based on visiting teaching a great activity which ended at a bout 12pm. Then Wayne, Jenny and I headed to do our monthly shopping we usually shop once every two months besides the fresh stuff. After shopping on our way home, ended up being bribed to have lunch at their place by Jenny so we left their house at about 5.30pm to unpack our groceries. While at Jenny's the children had been spring cleaning all day in anticipation of the arrival of their grand dad and mom from Ghana.While trying to finish up the cleaning lil Sylvie kept playing with a black marker and I was so tempted to draw harry potter glasses on her face on several occasions but was advised not to. Anyways the following day/Sunday evening she decides to surprise me with this when they came to pick up the other siblings from BYC at our house.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book of Mormon 24 hr Challenge

At the beginning of the year, the youth at church were asked during one of the bishop youth committee meetings about things that could help them grow both physically and spiritually as they planned for their annual camp. It was suggested that we i.e the youth and leaders should study the book of Mormon since it was part of their personal progress for young women and duty to God for the young men. It would begin on the first day of camp and we would study it in 90 days.And after the 90 day challenge we would have a BOM 24 hour challenge. I must say at the beginning of this challenge I was very you know need to get this done kind of energy and somewhere in the middle I lost track but resumed during the exam period and after that persevered to the end a few days after the challenge. Wayne on the other hand was very disciplined and completed his even before the 90 days. He was going to be late for the 24 hour challenge so he finished the 90 day study 2 days ealier and started from the beginning in order not to miss out since he was joining us late because he had a soccer match to go to at 4pm. Day 90 was last week on Thursday and on Friday at 6pm we sat down with the youth and one of the parents with her kids - Eppel family decided to do this as a family thing. So we had little Sylvie who is not in youth and Robert and John with his girl friend Caitlin who are past youth. The turn up was great not all the youth made it. I was impressed by the energy exuded by the youth and determination they wore on their faces. I on the other hand had a personal concerns that I would fall asleep by 8pm. I'm usually asleep by 8.30pm so I was scared about setting a bad example but surprise I endured. We studied the BOM and read it in turns the atmosphere was so calming and great. After I think 11pm some people experienced sleep challenges and they took power naps of about 20mins and were woken up and joined the studying. John on the other hand fell asleep by I think 10pm and by 11, he and Cait threw in the towel calling it a day. At about 2am some of the youth left -Squires. We had a few 20 minute breaks during this course, one at midnight then another at 3am, 5am, 9am and 12pm, some time on Saturday afternoon and eventually finished study the book in 27 hours. At 24 hours, Wayne explained to the youth that the challenge was meant for 24 hours but we had not yet completed it and if any of them wanted to go we could call it a day and thanked them for their efforts and to our surprise they said they wanted to completed the book. Their determination was so unbelievable. So we continued studying till 10pm when the last chapter was read. I must say it is one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life. I'm not so sure if I would do it again but never say never. It is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. I'm grateful for the BOK and for the guidance and lessons there is to learn and principles of the gospel. I'm grateful for the prophet Joseph Smith and for the availability we have to gain all this wonderful knowledge and blessings that we have received from studying it. If you have not read this book I would recommend it to everyone. its easy to get hold of just contact me via comment section and will avail one to you.

Wayne's second match Slovenia vs USA

Wayne went for his second world cup match on Friday, he was just as excited for this match Slovenia vs USA. Apparently it was an exciting game it was a draw 2: 2. The match was a kind of late one it started at 4pm so he and Wolf left from work to go to soccer city. He sent me some pictures again via his cell phone. The only problem was exiting the stadium after the match, shame they were stuck in traffic for over 3 hours. We were having a Book of Mormon 24 hour challenge that started at 6pm, which meant he wasn't able to be with us at the beginning but he joined us at about 9pm. I was thrilled to see him because I was worrying a bit. Asked if he had another chance, he would do it again. I'm really thrilled that he had a great time, he is such a sports person so for him to be a part of this was awesome.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Youth Day

Yesterday was a bank holiday in south Africa, it was you th day. Wayne explained to me the impact the youth had on the liberation of South African from the apartheid regime. A brief history about it -kids matching in protest against the teachings in schools the black schools. Hector Pietersen being a poster child for this day. He was worried about his sister who had joined the protest and was rushing into the crowd to get her out and he was shot dead by the soldiers. As a result of this picture that was taken a lot of sanctions were given to the country which greatly contributed to the end of apartheid. I do feel sorry for his family abut on the other hand grateful for the impact he had in this country. Don't get me wrong apparently lots of innocent children were killed but he is the one that the journalist captured his picture during this incident.
Well we spent the day at home, it was nice to sleep in and do nothing for a change. Winter is just getting worse. We went a bought a lock after 1pm and Wayne fixed the garage door while I tidied the house and went back to bed. In evening I gave Wayne a hair cut but in the middle of it the machine broke. Fortunately one of our friends came to our rescue. I finished giving him a hair cut after I returned from a youth activity at 9.30pm(watching the soccer with youth. South Africa vs Uruguay. 0-3. the South Africans played a crappy game). And we went to bed at about midnight.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wayne goes to his first fifa soccer match

Wayne went for his first match with his work colleague Wolf yesterday, it was Netherlands vs Denmark, Netherlands won 2-0. He was pretty excited about this game in fact all the games he is going to watch. He dropped by my office to pick up some earplugs just to be cautious because of the noise from the vuvuzelas in the stadium apparently they can lead to deafness. After passing by he headed for his game. When he arrived there he sent me a couple of pictures from the stadium. When he got home last evening he said it was worth it he enjoyed every bit of the game. Besides being caught by the sun, he can't wait to attend the next game.

And so it begins- the world cup

Friday was the opening ceremony and also the first match to mark the beginning of the world cup tournament. The atmosphere was great- filled with lots of patriotism. Since the ceremony was starting at 2pm most work places closed at about 12pm to give employees a chance to watch it. However as the hours passed by people started becoming restless there was so much rushing about and gosh the vuvuzelas making so much noise. We invited our dear friends the Eppel family over to watch the opening ceremony and game and we would have a brai after the game. Trying to get home from work was such a nightmare for both Wayne and i the traffic was so bad as a result of a few bad drivers. We finally got home and go all settled for the game to begin. It was amazing because everyone excluding me were wearing their bafana bafana soccer jerseys rallying behind the country. I didn't wear one because I don't have one. As the game proceeded everyone was tense and their eyes were glued to the screen hoping South Africa would score first. I on the other hand was supporting both countries. My reasons don't really matter but yeah. When Mexico scored the first goal that was not accepted because it was an off side goal shame before that everyone was sad and as soon as it was disqualified the bright faces returned. After the first goal by South Africa everyone jumped in jubilation the shouting and screaming , poor fudge was startled and Becky earned a bite on her foot from accidentally stepping on him during this jubilation. After that fudge and i retreated to the bedroom so he would calm down and also to avoid something similar from happening. Mexico then scored and I was glad. After the game John and Wayne set up and started braing. While doing that we played a couple of games, which was pretty cool, it brought out the competitive side of everyone. Next thing we knew dinner was ready, we had a great meal and charted as we waited fro the next match at8.30pm. We watched the game but by half time all of us had fallen asleep besides Wayne and Emily. They woke us up and everyone went home. Its nice to have great friends we had a fabulous evening.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Photo session of our babies

I took a few pictures of our babies a few weeks ago during one of my study breaks while I was on exam leave. Fudge was such a darling and Jiji on the other hand hmmm the pics will speak for themselves . Enjoy.

this was the best she could offer-her terms not mine
Jiji's mug shot
Fudge on the other hand was a pro.

Soccer Friday

Its certainly here, the world cup. I think its over a month now and it was declared i have no idea by who that every Friday people wore their bafana bafana soccer jerseys to work in support of the country's team. And today my dear sweetheart wore his to work I just had to take a picture this morning at about 6am.Last night as the opening concert for the fifa world cup, we had ward council but I left before welfare so I got to watch some bit of it as I prepared dinner.
Wayne finally got home at about 10pm and we watched the final bit as we had dinner together. Alicia keys' performance was very impressive she is truly one talented artist, didn't feel shakira's vibe I thought she was lip synching but I hope I was wrong. All in all it was a good evening.
We having friends over to watch the opening game tonight and having brai. Wayne's birthday present another toy (projector) so he is excited to use the biggest wall in the house to set up a screen to watch the match I thinks going to be awesome. Its really great to see the unity in this country because of this event.Sports when allowed to evolve can be a great unifying tool and its frustrating when they throw political dirt all over it. Its opened my eyes to see and appreciate this country more. I know I'm not south African but in times like this I'm proud to be married to one and living here.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

000 in Durban

Last week on Friday after my last exam, we flew to Durban to celebrate three birthdays , dad turning 60, wends -40 and Brad 30 so it was a triple party. It was really nice to see the family and friends and spend the evening chatting and catching up.
When we booked our tickets we were both excited for the trip but as the days drew nearer i became hesitant in fact I started questioning why i should go..because we have the most gorgeous babies and I felt so guilty leaving them behind. John our dear friend house sat for us and we knew they were in great hands but i was still worried. Anyways after pouring my heart -tears inclusive to Wayne as he drove home,as usual he lifted my spirits up and we were back in business. after a quick packing we were off to the airport on the midnight flight. we were met by Brad which was awesome. we spent the night at their house and left at 6am to mom and dad's place.
At 3pm guests started arriving. Wayne and I thought it was going to be a family you know intimate kind of party but to our surprise over 90 people turned up for the party. The air was filled with laughter amidst drinks and nice brai food. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of the party. I think the last person left after 1am.
Happy birthday Dad, Wendy and Brad again. we wish you guys many more years to come.
We didn't do much on Sunday except for cleaning up and going to church . The comrades marathon was going on so church was at 2pm.
mom and wayne after church
In the evening we went to visit Marc and Sharon and to meet Bella. Bella is a miniature goat and she is the cutest thing ever. we had a great time.
On the following day, we left to see my doctor for my annual check up - everything looks good and I passed with flying colors . After the appointment we met up with dad and went to the beach. Oh was it lovely to spend time with dad and Wayne and just stroll along the beach for four hours. We had lunch and came home all so exhausted Wayne had a swimming appointment with Wendy . So he left immediately and I had a nap.

And Tuesday we went shoe shopping, ran some errands which was fun-saw bella again and had a quick visit with our friends Raynor, Jared and Lauren. Mom took us out to dinner and after that we boarded back home and were thrilled to see our babies again.