Sunday, March 27, 2011

We are the champions !!!

It was a lousy morning, I managed to get back home in time from a training to make it for the game. The royal punjab challengers were playing against the Aces who hadn't been beaten by any team during the whole season infact earlier in the season the gave us a hiding. Its amazing how the game went, the Aces won the toss and batted first while we balled.Wayne's fielding was spectacular.
my little girls-cheerleaders
The skies were blue and out of no where it began to rain by that time they had four wickets. The pitch was covered and a break taken when the rain subsided it was decided the royal punjabs would bat because of the time taken up during the break.
So Sylvie and I decided to go on a bathroom break it was so called and on our back we decided to seek comfort in hot chocolate mind you this was all in less than 15 mins, when we left the guys were still getting kitted.When we got back from the bathroom they were shaking hands!!! We missed the game and wayne and John were batting!!!! Im still feeling guilty. The game was done in 10mins.We so proud of them.

As a result of missing seeing wayne bat im going to attend all his games for the next season.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nature at its best

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade! I on the other hand dont like lemonde so I will just make do with the bitter lemons.

Just to confess I have a "crappy" camera that occassionally surprises me and takes the shots.I must say while typing this Wayne asked why I call the camera he bought me crappy. My response in comparison to the one I would love to own.

Dont get me wrong Im grateful with the one I have and thankful for its hard work.
Pics of flowers from ouma's garden taken over the weekend in springs.
Ladies and Gents, I give you my hobby!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Final Match

We left the house a few minutes to 8am on a bank holiday! We were supposed to have rolled out of bed at 10am , well that is the dream I had on how I was going to spend the bank holiday today.
But by 7am, we were up and ready to go watch the big game. It was fun watching dad on the field, they played a team of youngsters believe me by half time guys on dad's team were just walking and out of breathe.Poor guys the altittude was giving them a hard time wayne had to take dad's pump to him twice. They did so well we so proud of dad.

No one through out the tournament had scored against their opposition and they did the score was 3 to 2. He played for the B team and also for the A team. Spending time with my man was so worth it.
After the game we headed to springs to see oupie and dropped dad off at the airport.
oupie and dad
buddy excited to see wayne
A wonderful long weekend. Have no reason to complain.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A rain check it is!!!

We drove in the storm to watch dad's hockey game this afternoon after church and when we got there it was lightning and thunder gallow. The match was post poned since the field was soaked up.

We then got chinese for dinner and headed home. Seriously this is the best chinese food i have ever eaten. If you are in SA in the Rosebank area try out !! You wont be sorry, the place is so clean while we were there for 13mins, the guy making the sushi rolls washed his hands 13 times.
lucky moo
i loved the anime decor on the walls
Dinner was great. Have a nice evening. As for me and my man ; snuggle time it is!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Proudly a supporter of Royal Punjab Challengers

One thing I have learnt is to be specific when praying for something. I prayed deligently for rain and it's been raining every day since last week Friday. Today Wayne and his team had their cricket match, the semi finals and by the time I left home it was pouring and I thought thismatch was not going to happen.
celebrating a wicket
It did happen and Wayne"s team the RPC won.
End of the game
It was 160 to 63. Irony of this win is this very team beat them earlier in the season twice and for them to give them such a big win was awesome.

Im proud of Wayne he played really well. Last week we kitted him so he is as happy as a little kid playing in a puddle of mad.
cheer leaders lol
We then headed off to see dad play at his hockey tournament and the rain couldnt stop. Eventually they decided to cancel the match since it was storming with lightning and all. We hoping for a good game tomorrow. While next weekend we going to watch my babe in the semi finals. woohoo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gate crashing !!

The day started as a promising one, I woke up this morning all cheerful, note im not a morning person so im usually "very pleasant" in the mornings. The traffic that is usually murder was not bad at all. Got to work and all was well then i checked the news and there it was Nate Dogg -dead. Its such a sad thing when an influencial artist passes on. Move forward I remembered I was supposed to bake a cake for wayne for work but I didnt have a container in which he would take it to work, so bbm around to my dear friend Soh, I had seen hers and I wanted something similar with a cover. Made it to the mall and didnt find what I as looking for. She had offered hers so I drove happy counting down minutes to my yoga. Got to her house and drove up the drive way, and got out of my to get into the house and just as I put my foot on the first step there was my car rolling backwards into their brand new gagrage. I run frantically jump into the car to a hand break that is up but not secure and move my car and boy the damage was great. I almost passed out i wasnt worried about my car but the garage. Eventually wayne got around with john and they helped Antonio fix the gate. Im thankful for angels. Soh was such a gem tring to calm me down .Every time I attempt to close my eyes all i see is my car rolling down. Hope its a better day tomorrow. Done baking so exhausted. Its time to call it a day! Did I say I say its their second gate I crashed into? Yes, I kid you not.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The dog jumped over the pad

While hanging out with the grandparents over the weekend, I got a visit from aunt flow,who shows up deligently every month . Who am I kidding, I dont know when aunt flow visits I always count on Wayne to remind me about it as for some reason its not on my priority list.
While we were hanging out the guest arrived; luckily I did not just pack my gs for the weekend for some strange ... after packing I threw just one piece of underwear into the suitcase. So a trip to the bathroom voila a confrimation of the untimely visit. In panic mode I ransucked my bag, the car and suit case and found one pad to tide me over till cricket was done. Day one the flow isn't heavy so after the cricket we decided to take a trip to the spa with wayne and granddad in tow. Bought one pkt of pads known as candy since we were heading home early morning. skipping happily to the shower I laid my gs and pkt of candy on the bed, showered and returned to get dressed but couldnt find the candy meanhwhile during my shower I heard the dog growl and I thought, I wonder what he has got his hands on this time. When I wanted to get dressed I couldnt find the candy,I turned the bed upside down thinking it had fallen somewhere, I even started doubting myself, thinking I had left it in the kitchen so I decided to ask ouma if I had left it in her room and she confirmed my suspicion.On walking outside to the patio there was white fluff and pieces of plastic scattered every where and there was buddy with wat was left of the packet of my candy. No one could go near him as he got so aggressive if we even mentioned his name. Eventaully with pieces of bacon, pork chops and bread we side tracked him and used a broom to pull the candy out of the den. Luckily one pad was survived the massacre was was put to use. I dont know where we would have found candy at the ungodly hour of midnight.


Its been a great weekend on this side of the planet more details to come my camera batteries crushed, need to charge them to offload pics. No side tracking, my heart goes out to the people in Japan. It's so heart wrenching watching the effects of the earthquake and tsunami.
We have relatives there and I was so worried about them but we got a confirmation from my cousin's wife Ayano letting us know her family and my cousin are we.. Our prayers go out to Japan, we continue to pray for strength, comfort, endurance and faith for them.
I must say I feel it like I was there as my favorite country in the world is Japan and it's on my bucket list. So hopefully one day I will make the trip to that special place.

Friday, March 11, 2011


The weekend is here and boy i cant wait to sit and vegetate the whole time . We heading off to springs to visit oupie ad ouma. Oh cant wait for the bonding time. Its been long overdue; due to the unsolicited busy weekends we haven't seen our grand parents since December. Yeahhh I kid you not. Hope the weather cools down its so hot and I hate aircon because I get a cold from it and the nights of late are unbearable and I'm not saying I want winter around just some bit of rain would make life bearable.
Our neighbors may want to sacrifice me!! lucky for them I wont be there this weekend so they wont be put through an episode like last weekend as I love the smell of freshly cut grass my eagerness to tackle the lawn and as I mowed the lawn it got so hot, I had to take my clothes off and mow the lawn in my underwear while trying to support my black berry so I could indulge in some snoop doggy dog, ahmad, and tyrese just to distract myself from the heat.
Please some little rain would be just fine for us otherwise naked lawn mowing will be the new black.