Monday, August 30, 2010

Food Storage

Food storage has been a topic that has been around for a long time even in the old testament during the time of Joseph in Egypt they stored grain for seven years when there was plenty for the seven years when famine plagued them. We had the opportunity to go to a workshop on food storage last weekend on Saturday. I must say I was not very thrilled to go. I was up at 7.30am spring cleaning our garage and I wasn't done by 10.30am and for the ocd gene in me was not very happy leaving work incomplete as this was the only opportunity I had to clean otherwise due to our schedule this would be done next year. After several "I will be done in 10 mins" Wayne eventually managed to drag me out of the garage and I got ready and we were on our way minus breakfast. Thanks love!! I felt terrible for starving my husband's but hoping to making it up to him. Anyways we got to church and were able to listen to all about food storage and I took out my note book to take down as much info as I could. We are into food storage and I think we have enough for6 months in case of an emergency but that is not good enough our goal is to have a year's supply by the end of this year. We have been encourage and commanded by our church leaders and prophets to be vigilant in this field.

Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles taught
"Acquire and store a reserve of food and supplies that will sustain life. . . . As long as I can remember, we have been taught to prepare for the future and to obtain a year's supply of necessities. I would guess that the years of plenty have almost universally caused us to set aside this counsel. I believe the time to disregard this counsel is over. With events in the world today, it must be considered with all seriousness" ("If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear," Ensign,Nov. 1995, 36).

Not only have we been encourage to have a years supply of food storage we have recently been asked to make a 72 hour emergency pack.
Did you know that

In case of an emergency say for example a hurricane, floods etc struck, it takes the government or other agencies 72 hours to get to the disaster areas?

We don't have to buy our food storage at one go it starts by bit by bit by two extra tins or cans of food when shopping .

Swimming pool water in case of emergencies belongs to the government so they can come in and drain your water supply and you would do nothing about it?Use a black jerrycan for water storage as it prevents the UV rays from going through and contaminating the water. For a 20 liter jerrycan add 2 table spoons full of jik and it will last for ever. Jik is just a high concentration of chlorine.

What, where and how do I go about with food storage... just put a list on your fridge and when never you hear either your child/husband or even you crave for something write it down and when you go shopping buy in excess where permissible.

Hygiene: A lot of people think during disasters hygiene doesn't count but wipes those baby wipes do help. one may not be able to have a bath but wipes can help. I for one have to bath at least twice a day. I cant fall asleep if i haven't had a bathe or shower. I have tried and always end up waking up having my shower then going to bed in the middle of the night.

Check for expiry dates when buying food storage.

Use durable stuff to store your stuff, plastic are usually attacked by rodents.Glass is quite good.

LDS have what we call a distribution center and they do stock up foods that one can buy for storage and they are pack in very durable containers . Most of them last for ten years and storage is great the containers a have also plastic lids in case you open them so they are safe. The items range from powdered milk peas wheat, rice, potato flakes the list is long.

Someone said that he asked his father why they always had food storage but they were never able to use it and his father told him that the blessing they had received from food storage is that they never had to use it. isn't that wonderful!!

You may not use the food storage but it will help someone in need. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and teachings we receive from our leaders in the church and revelations that help us to be better people and look after ourselves and loved ones.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nice having my baby back

After being on my won since Sunday, I'm thrilled beyond thrilled that i finally have by sweet husband back home from a long business trip to Uganda. Weekend was great though he was recovering from flu we had the young married couples home we were hosting on Saturday. Didn't take pics but it was fun we enjoyed the company of the Dothwaites, Pooe's and a surprise visit from the Arumagum family. To top the cherry we found out our dear friends are expecting their first bay. we are beyond thrilled for them they will be such awesome parents. fast forward Sunday we only attended sacrament and headed back home as Wayne was being picked up at eleven. After he left i made myself lunch and entered bed and cried myself to sleep . I just feel so lost with out my sweetie a round. Well I'm not alone, the cat and dog are besides themselves as well. but we survived and Wayne is back I'm grateful that he is home safe. While in Uganda he was able to see my family which was great despite all the hectic schedule he had he squeezed sometime and went and saw them . I am the luckiest girl to have such a wonderful man. Love him to bits. Thanks hun again.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Man down

pic from google
A terrible flue bug/virus going around. At our home my sweetheart is not well been booked off work from yesterday till Sunday on bed rest as per doctor's orders. And he is traveling to Uganda. I'm now wife and praying and hoping he gets well before Sunday. I do believe in miracles. I miss his laughs and chirpy self around the house. Get well soon love. Hang in there love you . And the babies are not taking it well.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Farquasons

When we bought our house and moved out of the farm, the Farquason family moved into the farm. After sometime they moved out and ended up in Centurion. We haven't been able to see them much but we made an appointment in June to see them in August. We finally made it and it was great to see them, hangout and chill. It was lovely to see our little -big kitty as well we looked after him for a month or so before they took him. Our cat Jiji is the sister of their cat Eric. They also have another lovely cat sasha. I was so tempted to steal her. Its amazing how much their cat has grown ad ours is still a little kitten in comparison. Shane prepared a lovely meal cant recall the name but it was delicious. And we played cards the cook family vs the farquasons. The cooks won :) Had lovely dessert and before we knew it it was time to come home. Oh and I ended up going home with a lovely cd lots of British pop thanks to Kevin. Wayne enjoyed chatting/teaching Daelen about kick boxing. Daelen just enrolled in a karate class.
kevin and shane
Eric - jiji's brother

Monday, August 9, 2010

Locnville concert

Five weeks ago John's girlfriend Caity called asking if we would like to go to a locnville concert. These guys are the it artists at the moment in South Africa. She wanted to surprise John , he loves this group and we have been forced to listen to these guys every time we hang out with John and basically the whole Eppel family. By Sunday Caity couldn't contain herself the smses, the sleepless nights and tormenting John about the surprise and not giving him any clue almost drove him nuts. As we left home after 5pm for carnivore city, he actually started getting bummed out and eventually Caity caved in and we told him what the evening was all about. We had to endure the locnville cd for an hours' drive to the concert. This concert was sold out and filled with little kids from all ages. John was speechless, Caity so chuffed with herself .... the awesome girlfriend!!

John and Caity

John sung along to most of the songs through out the concert. Wayne and I enjoyed ourselves it was great spending the evening with him by the end I had no voice. They are a great duo and some of their songs are awesome. We left the concert after 12am picked something to eat and headed home. We had a great time thanks to Caity.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hanging out with wonderful friends

After the lion park we rushed home to set up and prepare for a luncheon at our place with our friends Craig, Stacey with baby Aston, Mike and Desire this weekend and it was so lovely to catch up and chat and laugh thanks to dad and Desire. During the world cup dad was given the VIP treatment by Desire so he had the chance to watch most of the matches played in Durban VIP style. Desire has been here for quite sometime working with FIFA. As a result of dad's appreciation he asked us to do something nice and we decided a luncheon was perfect. Wayne prepared all the food. He is such a great cook. We had a great combination of food- prawns rice, spare ribs,chicken, wors, salads, desserts. Sorry I forgot to take pictures we were having a great time and didn't think of it but we are so grateful for friends like the Barnetts, Mike and Desire. Its nice to have people who share the same standards as us. We feel so blessed to have people like them in our lives.

At 7.30pm we kicked the visitors out because we had another commitment to go to. we were going to have dinner with our other friends the Eppel family. So we headed out and when we got there we were both too full to have diner. I could not put anything into my mouth not even a drop of water. The atmosphere was great,filled wit lots of noise and laughter. We sat down and chatted while having some snacks as the dinner table was being set.
We all sat at the table sans John who was feeling well and continued chatting. After dinner was game time and we played 30 secs, we divided ourselves and of course my group won not because of me it was all team effort.
Setting up snack table
having dinner-Robert was hiding his face didn't want Sylvie to take his pic
getting ready for 30 secs
fun times
from right-Wayne,Larry, Jenny,Becky & nana
Sylvie and grandpa
After that dessert was served and more chatting, eventually after 12.30 am I couldn't keep my head up anymore we were so tired and were ready to go home to prepare for fast Sunday.All in all it was a great weekend and we are grateful for the many blessings we have especially of wonderful friends.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The lion Park

Saturday could not have come sooner, since last year we have been trying to get the opportunity to go to the lion park but because of our busy schedules we weren't able to make it finally we squeezed in an hour over the weekend. We had other things going on but decided that it was to happen.We were having our friends over for lunch. Our good friend Larry had flown in from Durban to visit Jenny but was staying with us. They had a wedding to attend at the temple , after they left we headed off too. We were bot excited about this trip/adventure to the park. And when we got there we were very impressed by the place especially the animals. The lion cubs were so adorable i just wanted to take one home. The only white cub came and lay on my lap as we sat to take pictures and rub tummies of the other cubs. It was so playful and I just wanted to take her home. after the ions we went and fed the giraffes who were so cute and friendly. I didn't k now they had such long and rough tongues it felt like a cat's tongue . It was an awesome experience. we walk along the park and some cubs were in rehabilitation- had been involved in some accidents but seemed to be in very playful moods. They were like big kittens playing with soccer balls. The mere cats too looked very tiny and just adorable, the hyena laughed and it was great seeing this creature. The cheetahs were the snobby animals of the lot they couldn't be bothered to lift up their heads to show some kind of curiosity all they did was sleep.The wild South African dogs were so colorful. Due to time constraints we were not able to do the hour game drive to see other animals but we hoping to do that before Christmas and may be camp and be able to do the night drive as well. I'm so glad we live in a country were we an have such special opportunities to kinda bond with nature and embrace its uniqueness. And experience it like next door while other people have to come from other parts of the world to experience it.
Dont you want to just cuddle with it
rubbing the tummy:)
this is my favorite -cute white cub
so cute
How cute is this nose!!
feeding giraffe
me with giraffe
There are more pictures but they wont load so enjoy the ones that loaded.