Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

I know I know every one is going to wonder well most people will, why one would write about Michael on their blog. Its just one of the rare days w hen i wasn't able to share a lift with Wayne to work, he had to go to one of the branches. Before I went to bed I had a smile on my face so happy as my exam results were out and i hard passed my exams. Woke up smiling, drove out of the gate and wondering why they were playing Michael's songs on the radio because its rare . then baaam!!! came the kick they presenter announced that Michael was dead. First instinct was to call Wayne and tell him ad he replied "yeah its a shame man" and I was like no it cant be while in tears bowling my eyes out. with thoughts that I hope he didn't die lonely... his kids shame how its not nice to grow up without a dad.... and who will look after them .. I cried driving myself for an hour and half all the way to work. I had appointment and I decided I wasn't going to even bother rushing. eventually get to work all red eyed and the person had been waiting asked if all was alright and it just made matters worse I replied in tears "Michael is dead its not a good day".
Reason for my reaction, my childhood memories revolved around this guy his music and the movies I watched, I recall singing with my friends and dancing to songs especially girlfriend,in the movies and it was all we talked about. Watching and listening to his songs were the highlights of our days we planned the time and sacrificed playing out in the sun to watch him. All I can say is he will be missed a lot. And hope his children are looked after well. And Im grateful for the wonderful memories I have as a result of his being.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day DAD !!!

Happy fathers day Dad, we love you so much and are so blessed to have you in our lives. The example you are to us the love you give us and the joy you give, the great company, the wisdom and the laughter you bring always keeps our hearts warm with gratitude that we have a father like you.
We love you so much and hope you have a lovely day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Confederations cup Brazil vs USA

Soccer fever isn't enough to describe the hype about the confed cup. Everyone here is going on and on about the soccer. While the guys are enjoying it some of my lady friends are dying for it to end. On the other hand Im really glad as Wayne enjoys all sport soccer being among them. Every Saturday morning at he goes to play soccer with the guys at church. Its something that he looks forward to as its catch up time and they all seem to get along well and get to play at tournaments ie stake and against other wards. On Wednesday afternoon I received call asking me if i could Thursday afternoon off from work so we could go and watch a soccer match Brazil vs USA. Oh boy did I kick myself for having a job that I couldn't get out of. well I couldn't take the afternoon off because I'm the only one in the office and I couldn't lie to my boss so I could get out of work so that was my dilemma. well it turned out Wayne was able to get 50 tickets for the game. But it was up to last minute he was promised he would get them but time line wasn't given. So having told most of his colleagues about their chances of going to this game. Everyone's hopes high, well we.. more less I was worried that what if the tickets didn't pull through. Anyway after waiting all Thursday morning for the tickets they eventually arrived at about midday . So he drove back to the office in Joburg from Pretoria where he was picking up the tickets and then left with his friend for the game. Apparently it was really great and he says it was worth the stress and he would do it all over again i think Brazil won 3-0. After the match at about 6pm he drove back to work since he hadn't spent the day at the office to catch up with work and he was home at about 10.30pm. I'm really glad he had the chance to go and watch that match.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun Day!!

Saturday was a very special day for us, first of all this winter thing isn't fun at all. So we were both looking forward to sleeping in but well I had enrichment at 8.30am which meant I had to be up so early. And being the first enrichment activity since our ward started , I couldn't let this pass me by so I dragged myself out of bed got ready and off I went about 30mins late but im glad I went. It was great to mingle with the ladies and get to know something different about each of them. and at about 10.30am went home with some stuff for Wayne from the RS ladies so i didn't make him breakfast. we then sat and chatted and the next thing we knew it was an hours time to the baby shower we were invited to that Wayne was so indifferent about attending , baby showers usually involve only women but the one we were going to the men were invited. as we sat lazily waiting for the energy to get up with received a call from one of our friends the Fengs, they asked if we could baby sit their little angel Jia bhou as they wanted to go the temple and the person who should have baby sat had other commitments and we gladly agreed to the task. In about 45 mins our little guest arrived and boy were we excited to have him around. He is the cutest kid ever.

Isnt he the cutest???

He seemed really excited as well. Between Wayne and I we had to at some points try to figure out what he was saying as he spoke English and Chinese as well and it was fun. We then left for the baby shower.As we were leaving he realized his parents weren't coming with so he began to cry asking for his mom and we tried to distract him and carry him which worked eventually as he stopped crying and we headed out. It was quite strange as we had to make adjustments I had to sit with him behind as Wayne drove us. About 15 mins into the drive he fell asleep and woke up when we arrived. On arrival some of our friends thought we had adopted a little Chinese boy; you know to be a multi racial family..white,Asian and black.....He is such an adorable kid with lots of energy.

He entertained us at the baby shower and before we knew it, it was time to go back home as his parents were returning from the temple. So we dropped him off at his house. His parents cooked us a lovely meal beef stew Chinese style. We are actually grateful for the opportunity as we got to know him a little more and we looking forward to spending more days with him.

on our way home

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Al!!!

Happy Birthday Al, its amazing how much you have grown, three years already. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and the laughter you bring. You are such a sweet and adorable nephew and we love you so much. We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. You are in our thoughts and we wish you many more years of happiness and joy to come. We hope you have a lovely day filled lots of fun and get spoilt rotten. Miss you lots. love uncle Wayne and aunt irene