Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cold play concert

These boys are one of my favorite bands of all time, they are coming to South Africa in October, and we going to the concert. Yes, I will  be huge and like over seven months pregnant but trust me it will be worth every moment. Wayne was abit concerned about a heavily pregnant woman going to a concert and we asked he Dr who gave me a thumbs up. Tickets are booked.
Another exciting moment 8th Oct 2011 here we come.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend gate away

It was nice to get away for just the weekend. Its been crazy the past few months and this is what we both needed. After deciding at the beginning of the year that we need to get away atleast once every three months, I made the bookings thanks to mom and dad's holiday points. Words cant describe how much I was looking forward to this holiday, along the way we fall pregnant doctor's appointments are set then two weeks to the holiday we realise that its the same weekend we fly down to Durban for dr appt.
Was I heart broken, thanks to my wonder ful hubby, he pulled all the stops and we were able to come back and head out to the Echo golf estates. Abeautiful place about an hours drive from home.

nothing beats having icecream outdoors on a sunny/windy day
 It was a no feeding animals, no laying beds, no worrying weekend just to relax, enjoy each other and say haaaa. It was a nothing do weekend. We went for walks, sat on benches and enjoyed icecream as we watched the scenery and just soaked everything in.

And it felt good to be back home after a chilled weekend.

Baby on the way

We have been keeping a secret !! And that is why I have not been able to blog because I would have let the cat out of the bag.

Yes we are :) Our family is going to get bigger by one.
We are expecting. We are 14 weeks preganant.
Dont know the sex of the baby, which we not so keen about. All we want is a healthy baby Cook.
Due date is 16th Dec 2011.
More to come