Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday mom! hope you had a lovely day and we know dad spoilt you rotten. Just to let you know you in our thoughts and we love you so much. Hope this day brings special memories for you and we wish we could be there to celebrate with you.
We wish you many more happy years to come.
Miss you lots and love you more.
Ps. We going to bake a cake and eat it on your behalf.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Stake Conference...

We had our stake conference this weekend and I must say we learnt a lot . Wayne and I were talking about what was taught on our way home and even when we got home. It made me even appreciate him more and become more grateful for him as a husband, my best friend, companion and a priesthood holder in our home. I'm so grateful for the example he is to me and for the guidance and counsel he offers. Babe being married to you for the past two years and several months have helped me grow both emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically. well for the physical bit i haven't grown taller but stronger from all his encouragement. In the adult session especially the talks evolved around marriage and caring for our homes and loved ones. And what we are able to do to keep our families happy and together and marriages stronger in order not to fall prey of divorce.The things that we were encouraged to keep up with communication, sharing affection, listening, serving each other and not trying to change the other .... all in all I am grateful that I've been blessed with a wonderful husband and i love him very much.

Get well soon Francis!!

Francis my eldest brother was involved in a motor bike accident. All we know is that is was serious and he had to undergo surgery . You in our thoughts we praying for you and hope you get well soon.
We love you lots.
The operation was successful and the doctors are happy with the out come and we hope he recovers very soon.

The Birtday... Irene's

If there is anyone who got spoilt, it was me.Thanks babe, mom & dad, Christine and all those who made my day awesome. I really enjoyed my birthday and feel so blessed to have gained another year. I woke up feeling so awesome and what more could I ask for than spending the evening with Wayne. He took me shopping and I got the most gorgeous presents woo hoo. I really cant complain as I have been really blessed and especially so thankful for the wonderful husband I have. I love you babe!! The day went really well till we got home and viola sad news came in Francis my brother was involved in a motorbike accident not on my birthday but on Easter. Babe gave me a blessing and I was so calm after that which is not like me at all. And lets just say the festive mood kinda dwindled in the wind. He underwent surgery and he is going to be fine. We are thinking about you Francis, we love you so much and hope you get better soon.We just glad that we still have you here with us. Thanks everyone again.
Ohh and babe dont blame me, blame Francis he is one of the many reasons as to why you wouldnt want to own a bike :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


We love cats, Cats RULE !!
We own a wild cat called kitty that we kinda adopted after feeling guilty of taking lots of kittens from the farm to the kitty shelter and also not wanting to take it away from its mom because she was looking after kitty and his sister. But as he grew we noticed that his mother wasn't there anymore and whenever we cooked dinner he would come and sit by our kitchen door. And we were tempted to feed him and eventually adopted him. Well kinda, as we never pat him anywhere as he spits and hisses at us.As this is what he looks like when we try to pat him
something strange is he will eat off my palm but wont let us touch him. He is a really cool cat.
Of late kitty has gone missing because of another wild cat in the area.

We now growing really concerned if you see him please let us know as we really miss this wild cat of ours. We are hoping to take him to get him nurtured but just pray for us as we think he will rip through the cage even before we get to the vet.
PS any tips on how to domesticate kitty will really be appreciated.

Its a Boy !!!

Big boy now!Trying to eat a leaf for about an hour as she wasn't used to it
Last Sunday, was one unique one after having a bad beginning it ended so well. After not sleeping much during the night and keeping Wayne up most of the night because i wasn't feeling well. I tried to put off going to see a doctor since it was Sunday but i couldn't take it anymore made an appointment and drove across the road to see the doctor who gave me the most vile medicines ever, I took them and started feeling much better and even made it to church in time. Got home happy after a nice time at church, and as I opened the gate i noticed something strange!!! One of the ponies was giving birth , I couldn't hold the excitement and also didn't want to cause a scene or frighten her so i parked my car in the drive way blocking anyone who wanted to get in and run to witness this special blessing as a squealed like a piglet from excitement and also trying to keep a distance in order not to interrupt. The baby was out and so beautiful light brown in color. As I stood in amazement Wayne arrived shortly after me and was wondering why I had parked in the wrong place and I explained to him what was happening.
Mother helping baby get up just a few mins old.
We then came into the house got some carrots and of course the camera and took some pictures of mother and son.
Five days after this special incident and the baby and mother are doing fine. I got the chance to pat the lil cutie today its so shy but friendly at the same time.
proud mom and son
Beautiful mom

Happy Mothers Day Christine !!

We know this is a little bit over due but Happy Mothers Day to Christine one of my stunning sisters. Its mothering Sunday in the Uk and we would like to wish you a lovely day and also express our gratitude for all you have done. For all those sleep deprived nights, running till out of breath after the children, tireless effort to pick after us,the fun in repeating the same over and over again to ears that dont wanna listen and the hugs and kisses when we do things that melts your heart. We love you so much and know you are a good mother. Hope you have a great day and many more blessings to come your way. We miss you so much.