Friday, January 23, 2009

Our little Gift - Bambie !!

Living on a farm is one of the best places one could ask for especially when the animals are friendly and so adorable.Where we live, there are now seven deer, horses, cows,goats, sheep, one crazy peacock, lots of hen and cocks, geese and crazy wild cats ohhh plus kittens. Last weekend one of the deer gave birth to another little one we named Bambie so tiny and cute and friendly unfortunately the mother wanted nothing to do with it so the owner of the farm decided to feed it goat's milk. its not like we bought the milk, they literally got one of the goats on the farm and Bambie suckled milk like normal. Wayne and the guy who looks after the animals on the farm usually held the goat and I just sat and watch with lots of amusement and happiness. And played with Bambie after her feeding sessions. she was kinda like a puppy as she followed after Wayne in her pen and sometimes I would run and she would run after me, it kinda in away became a part of our lives and family we looked forward to getting home from work to spend time with her as it quickly became routine. She passed away yesterday, we don't know from what but we are still very sore at heart and really miss her. I particularly was so angry and felt cheated but Wayne gave me a blessing and it helped me understand why things happen the way they do. Im so grateful for him :) we are so grateful that she was a part of our lives and we at least got the chance to spend the short time she had of her life.We'll put up pics of her soon.
Its crazy because this is our first post and we were expecting to write something really different or more fun but I guess its just one of them things beyond our control. Hope the next time we blog there will be some great news. Till then...

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