Friday, February 20, 2009

Oupie and Ouma - Visit

Two weeks ago we went on our monthly to visit Ouma and Oupie. The are seriously like the funkiest grand parents. we enjoy their company and are so blessed to have them in our lives.

Oupie is very intellectual and hard working so whenever we go there we always leave for home intellectually richer than we came. So Wayne and him enjoy those deep conversations about almost everything. Ouma on the other hand is a very hard working lady as well and a great gardener. lets just say ... oh well see for yourself the pictures below. So during our visits we spend our girlie time talking about amongst other things, how our piano lessons are going, gardening and tips on how to grow certain things. And she is such a good cook!! We always leave feeling like stuffed piglets. And they have the most awesome dogs too.

On this particular trip we went flower shopping. Wayne had this brilliant idea of a valentines day present for me. Instead of buying me one bouquet of flowers, he decided he was going to buy me rose plants -ice burg roses they flower all year round so instead of them dying after a few days I would have them for as long as they lived. And I loved my roses :) thanks hun.

While we were at this particular nursery we found they had a pond of ducks and a cute birdie called tequila apparently she enjoys dancing and if you sing she dances. I wanted to take her home.we had a great time and cant wait to visit them again.

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