Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our precious Dusty ♥

She was a beautiful 14 year old gal. Very friendly always run to you when you got home to say hello even if she didn't know you and great with children, gentle and very entertaining. She lived the life every one around the block wished for. Very well mannered when you gave her a treat she would always sit with poise and then proceed to enjoy it. With her motherly love she took in puppies and treated them like her very own licked and loved them.
Dusty was her name, she was our lil "fat" gal.

I didn't really understand the whole fuss about Friday 13th Feb which was yesterday but after experiencing what happened yesterday im kinda torn and leaning closer to the fuss that it was actually a doom day. As we lost our lil gal Dusty, she was put down because it was the best thing to do . Ridden with lots of pain and on constant medication to help her cope with life.we knew the t We feel so blessed to have had her in our family, as we know that she was living on "borrowed" time. i will explain what we mean by that. According to the doctor stuffies' life span is 10 years but she lived to almost 15 years, her body in mint condition besides all the complications that come with old age.

We will miss her dearly but we also know that Heavenly father wanted her more. Its really sore when we lose a family member, some people may say she was a pet/dog but to us she was family and will always be our lil fat gal.She always be in our hearts.
Here are some things that were just Dusty;
She always lay usually in bed or i believe when bored and licked her paws till someone would have to yell out "Dusty stop". It was such a weird sound like a shlurp . Here she is doing it.

Shower time she would get into the shower to have a bath/shower unlike the other dogs ie fudge and Boston that we had to literally fight with them.
She loved children.
She loved chasing the ball and never knew what to do wit it when she got it.
Her tails would always stick up straight like a ruler when she barked.
She preferred to sleep on our bed rather than hers.Evidence below :)

She had a sweet tooth.She preferred to take her medication with cake :)
she really got excited when people came around that we had to give her tranquilites to calm her down.
Here is a picture of our "scallum" Boston also passed on 28th Dec 2008. We miss him terribly. Boston was more of a daddy's boy he followed dad every where and was very cheeky and playful.He was one of the puppies that Dusty also looked after. He was found by mom and dad on their way to holiday in the Drakensburg a place called Boston hence his name.He was a miracle and such a sweetheart.

After this incident we have actually decided we are not going to have any new additions to the family for a loooong time as four of them have left us in less than two months.But we cant promise to hold our breathes on that.
We must say thank you to mom and dad because with out them we wouldn't have known of these precious angels or spent the time we had with them who have gone back to heavenly father because their big hearts, tireless efforts and time.We love you !!! And thank you Wendy for all you did as well.

My two cuties together . Love them to bits.

Something about this picture, that brings back good memories- will explain a little. Because Fudge's fur was all over the place it was a lot believe me a looooooot!! so the babies weren't allowed on the couch but when Wayne wasn't home i would put the blanket and viola Dusty would jump on the couch and when we heard him coming she would jump down. It was like our little secret until he got us one day.

More pics

She lived life to the fullest and we are so grateful for the time we had with her

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