Monday, April 20, 2009

Stake Conference...

We had our stake conference this weekend and I must say we learnt a lot . Wayne and I were talking about what was taught on our way home and even when we got home. It made me even appreciate him more and become more grateful for him as a husband, my best friend, companion and a priesthood holder in our home. I'm so grateful for the example he is to me and for the guidance and counsel he offers. Babe being married to you for the past two years and several months have helped me grow both emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically. well for the physical bit i haven't grown taller but stronger from all his encouragement. In the adult session especially the talks evolved around marriage and caring for our homes and loved ones. And what we are able to do to keep our families happy and together and marriages stronger in order not to fall prey of divorce.The things that we were encouraged to keep up with communication, sharing affection, listening, serving each other and not trying to change the other .... all in all I am grateful that I've been blessed with a wonderful husband and i love him very much.

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