Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And so it begins- the world cup

Friday was the opening ceremony and also the first match to mark the beginning of the world cup tournament. The atmosphere was great- filled with lots of patriotism. Since the ceremony was starting at 2pm most work places closed at about 12pm to give employees a chance to watch it. However as the hours passed by people started becoming restless there was so much rushing about and gosh the vuvuzelas making so much noise. We invited our dear friends the Eppel family over to watch the opening ceremony and game and we would have a brai after the game. Trying to get home from work was such a nightmare for both Wayne and i the traffic was so bad as a result of a few bad drivers. We finally got home and go all settled for the game to begin. It was amazing because everyone excluding me were wearing their bafana bafana soccer jerseys rallying behind the country. I didn't wear one because I don't have one. As the game proceeded everyone was tense and their eyes were glued to the screen hoping South Africa would score first. I on the other hand was supporting both countries. My reasons don't really matter but yeah. When Mexico scored the first goal that was not accepted because it was an off side goal shame before that everyone was sad and as soon as it was disqualified the bright faces returned. After the first goal by South Africa everyone jumped in jubilation the shouting and screaming , poor fudge was startled and Becky earned a bite on her foot from accidentally stepping on him during this jubilation. After that fudge and i retreated to the bedroom so he would calm down and also to avoid something similar from happening. Mexico then scored and I was glad. After the game John and Wayne set up and started braing. While doing that we played a couple of games, which was pretty cool, it brought out the competitive side of everyone. Next thing we knew dinner was ready, we had a great meal and charted as we waited fro the next match at8.30pm. We watched the game but by half time all of us had fallen asleep besides Wayne and Emily. They woke us up and everyone went home. Its nice to have great friends we had a fabulous evening.

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