Friday, February 11, 2011

Keeping me company while I pack

yep, her spot
After trying to keep our closet doors closed, I can say I lost that fight. Jiji finds it rather comfy to sleep on her daddy's clothes. Apparently, Wayne's neatly folded clothes rocks her to sleep. Once a week I take the item on the top and do a wash and fold it and place it in its rightful place. When she can get into the clothes closet she falls asleep in his shoe boxes or gym bag.
Last night as I packed in the guestroom, she came into the room and made herself comfy. And to get her off was a mission, lets just say kitty scars for life.
Done with the packing can't wait to get home after work and on the road to a fabulous weekend.

Dear Victoria I thought we were best friends, I'm hoping your secret will be in my post box when I got to fetch our mail after work. Please don't disappoint me; best friends don't do that!

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