Monday, March 21, 2011

The Final Match

We left the house a few minutes to 8am on a bank holiday! We were supposed to have rolled out of bed at 10am , well that is the dream I had on how I was going to spend the bank holiday today.
But by 7am, we were up and ready to go watch the big game. It was fun watching dad on the field, they played a team of youngsters believe me by half time guys on dad's team were just walking and out of breathe.Poor guys the altittude was giving them a hard time wayne had to take dad's pump to him twice. They did so well we so proud of dad.

No one through out the tournament had scored against their opposition and they did the score was 3 to 2. He played for the B team and also for the A team. Spending time with my man was so worth it.
After the game we headed to springs to see oupie and dropped dad off at the airport.
oupie and dad
buddy excited to see wayne
A wonderful long weekend. Have no reason to complain.

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