Sunday, March 27, 2011

We are the champions !!!

It was a lousy morning, I managed to get back home in time from a training to make it for the game. The royal punjab challengers were playing against the Aces who hadn't been beaten by any team during the whole season infact earlier in the season the gave us a hiding. Its amazing how the game went, the Aces won the toss and batted first while we balled.Wayne's fielding was spectacular.
my little girls-cheerleaders
The skies were blue and out of no where it began to rain by that time they had four wickets. The pitch was covered and a break taken when the rain subsided it was decided the royal punjabs would bat because of the time taken up during the break.
So Sylvie and I decided to go on a bathroom break it was so called and on our back we decided to seek comfort in hot chocolate mind you this was all in less than 15 mins, when we left the guys were still getting kitted.When we got back from the bathroom they were shaking hands!!! We missed the game and wayne and John were batting!!!! Im still feeling guilty. The game was done in 10mins.We so proud of them.

As a result of missing seeing wayne bat im going to attend all his games for the next season.

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