Saturday, March 21, 2009

The CALLING !!!!

I really don't know how to begin this.... I think no well it was a Monday 23rd mar 2009 around 10am when I received a call from Wayne and here is how it went:
Wayne: babe I have just received a call from stake president and he wants to meet us for an interview this Saturday .(28th Feb)
me: well that's cool what time ? as we have to do our monthly grocery shopping?
Wayne: at eleven thirty but I'm really worried about it.
Me: OK , may be you are getting a stake calling ......

We were so nervous and anxious so we decided to go to the temple during the week. After the temple trip we felt so much at ease and kinda relaxed till we actually met stake president. Prior to the meeting we kinda had the discussion about our ward splitting as we knew it was happening but didn't know the exact dates. So we were pretty sure Wayne wasn't going to be called as a bishop as our confidence was boosted with the age factor- he was too young. But needless to say, we thought wrong, our ward split and he got called as Bishop.
Its something we both hoped and thought would never happen to us and it did. When the lord calls, we have to get up follow and obey. Its a challenging calling but we know its Heavenly father's plan and we have already learnt a lot and we taking it as a time to learn and grow both physically and spiritually. We know it wont be easy but we will get through it as the lord is on our side.We got to experience two incredible things a ward split and my husband being called.
Mom was able to fly to be there for this transition, it was really special and nice to have her around plus we got the bonus of seeing her and enjoying her company and support for a whole six days which we weren't sure would happen. Just to say mom has a very hectic schedule she is on high demand it was wonderful to be graced with her presence :) Dad wast able to make it but we enjoyed his support too.
We are really grateful for the blessings the lord has given us and enjoy especially the church.
Before leaving for the airport at 5am :)

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