Friday, March 27, 2009

Night Out

Have you ever gone to a movie and had all those feelings that you had put at the back of your mind just return and consume you up? This Friday night we went out .... date night with some friends a couple Ian and Chantel. One of those nights we were looking forward to, had great company the evening was lovely because we chatted caught up after not seeing each other in a long time. after dinner we decided to go and watch a movie. Wayne and I got the honors of picking a great movie, hilarious and really funny at the beginning and not so funny in the end. This is the only time I got out of a movie not hiding my beady eyes as every one ok not everyone but most of the other people came out crying and i too was part of that category I wailed, more like sobbed all the way home to the shower and kinda in bed .... the bed part was in my heart. Wayne is really brave so by the time he is sad you know it really touched him. And of course i loved the hugs and comforting not that i cried for that but i have a gorgeous hubby who consoled me through out our ordeal. Its not always easy to accept things the way they are but i guess some things just happen they way they do or as others say that's just the way it is especially that we had first hand experience of having three animals put down recently. MARLEY AND ME by Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson,..... we must say kudos to them it was great acting and by the time we left we had made up our minds about two things.
1. If that is how it is when people have kids we NOT having any children.
2. We are not having any pets if that is what we will have to go through despite it being a fact of life.

Then again on the other hand after a couple hours of reminiscing about our animals we realised that the joys of having them out weighs the sad part when they leave and besides its was just a movie. So are we having both .. yes but not any time soon but its definitely in the pipeline....
And besides the crying bit at the end we really enjoyed the movie. Thanks babe, Ian and Chantel we really had a great time. Ahh Mom I'm not so sure if you should watch it i wouldn't recommend it for you. But hey others can watch it :)

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