Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its a Boy !!!

Big boy now!Trying to eat a leaf for about an hour as she wasn't used to it
Last Sunday, was one unique one after having a bad beginning it ended so well. After not sleeping much during the night and keeping Wayne up most of the night because i wasn't feeling well. I tried to put off going to see a doctor since it was Sunday but i couldn't take it anymore made an appointment and drove across the road to see the doctor who gave me the most vile medicines ever, I took them and started feeling much better and even made it to church in time. Got home happy after a nice time at church, and as I opened the gate i noticed something strange!!! One of the ponies was giving birth , I couldn't hold the excitement and also didn't want to cause a scene or frighten her so i parked my car in the drive way blocking anyone who wanted to get in and run to witness this special blessing as a squealed like a piglet from excitement and also trying to keep a distance in order not to interrupt. The baby was out and so beautiful light brown in color. As I stood in amazement Wayne arrived shortly after me and was wondering why I had parked in the wrong place and I explained to him what was happening.
Mother helping baby get up just a few mins old.
We then came into the house got some carrots and of course the camera and took some pictures of mother and son.
Five days after this special incident and the baby and mother are doing fine. I got the chance to pat the lil cutie today its so shy but friendly at the same time.
proud mom and son
Beautiful mom

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