Thursday, April 9, 2009


We love cats, Cats RULE !!
We own a wild cat called kitty that we kinda adopted after feeling guilty of taking lots of kittens from the farm to the kitty shelter and also not wanting to take it away from its mom because she was looking after kitty and his sister. But as he grew we noticed that his mother wasn't there anymore and whenever we cooked dinner he would come and sit by our kitchen door. And we were tempted to feed him and eventually adopted him. Well kinda, as we never pat him anywhere as he spits and hisses at us.As this is what he looks like when we try to pat him
something strange is he will eat off my palm but wont let us touch him. He is a really cool cat.
Of late kitty has gone missing because of another wild cat in the area.

We now growing really concerned if you see him please let us know as we really miss this wild cat of ours. We are hoping to take him to get him nurtured but just pray for us as we think he will rip through the cage even before we get to the vet.
PS any tips on how to domesticate kitty will really be appreciated.

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