Thursday, May 14, 2009

South Coast holiday Pt 3

After Durban Hillcrest, our next destination was the south coast with mom and dad so we could just spend time with them. A being far from Durban we don't get to see them as often as we would like to this was a great opportunity for us. it was about an hours drive to Hibedene were we stayed at a family friends cottage at the beach. the place has such a magnificent view and the weather was great so we were able to lie and be lazy on the beach and go for walks on the beach.

Although it was sunny the water was so cold so we didn't swim in ocean or pool. We were joined by Brad and Wendy the following early morning as it was the only opportunity we had to see them as they both have busy schedules work and school so we felt really loved for them to spend the day with us amidst studying. it was nice to chat and spend time as family. The boys went fishing quite early and we joined them after a while and had to get back o make breakfast. Oh no fish were caught.... but it was great bonding time for the two brothers as it had been a while since they actually did something together which was really lovely.

The brothers fishing

Dad found this sea louse
And dad had to go back into town as he had a hockey tournament. When he got back it was time for Brad and Wends to leave. We then spent the rest of the remaining days watching tv, reading novels and hiking.

Dad leaving for his hockey tournament

Time flies when one's having fun and no sooner did we know it was time to return home back to joburg. It was a needed holiday as by the time we left we were both missing home and work as well.

Body doubles

Like far like son in all likeliness

mom and dad on the balcony


my wonderful man :)

mom and dad . so cute

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