Monday, May 11, 2009

Durban Holiday Pt 2

After the four days in the mountains it was time to head to Durban where we were able to meet our friends and still lots of catching up as we stayed with mom and dad. We met up with the boys for a drink and chatted. Meanwhile before we left for the trip I had kinda organised a surprise birthday party for Wayne. As we run around seeing people and old friends i was "trying" to coordinate this. I must say it I felt terrible hiding it a way from him but it was worth it. I was able to see my former boss and friends the Boreham family while Wayne remained home studying because he had an exam the day after we returned home. And playing with the babies during his breaks.

In action with Chance

With our baby Patches... we hoping to bring her back to Jhb with us soon. she looks like a fat cat

His majesty Fudgie boy just chilling in bed such a spoilt lil boy while others are at play.

He finally comes out and does this

Had a chance to visit uncle Russ who isn't so well but we were actually surprised because he looked so well, see oupie who was in Durban on a business trip, and visit Brad and Wendy's beautiful home and their baby Gobbit such a cutie. Shame Wendy was also reading for her exams but it was nice to sit and just enjoy her company as Brad was at work.

wayne, oupie, wends and mom

Brad, Wends and Gobbit

So the night before we left for the south coast with mom and dad, we threw Wayne what should have been a surprise birthday party a bring and braai ... (guys it was awesome having you all there) everyone should have arrived at 6pm but no one was in time so we had to adapt plan B, ie we would bring the cake out after dinner and shout surprise!!! As everyone arrived the questions started from Wayne why is so and so here, what is happening... because we had seen all the guys the night before and spent most of the day with Mike though Wayne was still clueless about the whole thing. So my answer was dad asked if our friends could come back for an impromptu braai.
There was lots of laughter in the air a midst a game of rugby and a fire side then it was time for dinner and before we knew it, it was time to call it a day.

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