Friday, June 19, 2009

Confederations cup Brazil vs USA

Soccer fever isn't enough to describe the hype about the confed cup. Everyone here is going on and on about the soccer. While the guys are enjoying it some of my lady friends are dying for it to end. On the other hand Im really glad as Wayne enjoys all sport soccer being among them. Every Saturday morning at he goes to play soccer with the guys at church. Its something that he looks forward to as its catch up time and they all seem to get along well and get to play at tournaments ie stake and against other wards. On Wednesday afternoon I received call asking me if i could Thursday afternoon off from work so we could go and watch a soccer match Brazil vs USA. Oh boy did I kick myself for having a job that I couldn't get out of. well I couldn't take the afternoon off because I'm the only one in the office and I couldn't lie to my boss so I could get out of work so that was my dilemma. well it turned out Wayne was able to get 50 tickets for the game. But it was up to last minute he was promised he would get them but time line wasn't given. So having told most of his colleagues about their chances of going to this game. Everyone's hopes high, well we.. more less I was worried that what if the tickets didn't pull through. Anyway after waiting all Thursday morning for the tickets they eventually arrived at about midday . So he drove back to the office in Joburg from Pretoria where he was picking up the tickets and then left with his friend for the game. Apparently it was really great and he says it was worth the stress and he would do it all over again i think Brazil won 3-0. After the match at about 6pm he drove back to work since he hadn't spent the day at the office to catch up with work and he was home at about 10.30pm. I'm really glad he had the chance to go and watch that match.

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