Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun Day!!

Saturday was a very special day for us, first of all this winter thing isn't fun at all. So we were both looking forward to sleeping in but well I had enrichment at 8.30am which meant I had to be up so early. And being the first enrichment activity since our ward started , I couldn't let this pass me by so I dragged myself out of bed got ready and off I went about 30mins late but im glad I went. It was great to mingle with the ladies and get to know something different about each of them. and at about 10.30am went home with some stuff for Wayne from the RS ladies so i didn't make him breakfast. we then sat and chatted and the next thing we knew it was an hours time to the baby shower we were invited to that Wayne was so indifferent about attending , baby showers usually involve only women but the one we were going to the men were invited. as we sat lazily waiting for the energy to get up with received a call from one of our friends the Fengs, they asked if we could baby sit their little angel Jia bhou as they wanted to go the temple and the person who should have baby sat had other commitments and we gladly agreed to the task. In about 45 mins our little guest arrived and boy were we excited to have him around. He is the cutest kid ever.

Isnt he the cutest???

He seemed really excited as well. Between Wayne and I we had to at some points try to figure out what he was saying as he spoke English and Chinese as well and it was fun. We then left for the baby shower.As we were leaving he realized his parents weren't coming with so he began to cry asking for his mom and we tried to distract him and carry him which worked eventually as he stopped crying and we headed out. It was quite strange as we had to make adjustments I had to sit with him behind as Wayne drove us. About 15 mins into the drive he fell asleep and woke up when we arrived. On arrival some of our friends thought we had adopted a little Chinese boy; you know to be a multi racial family..white,Asian and black.....He is such an adorable kid with lots of energy.

He entertained us at the baby shower and before we knew it, it was time to go back home as his parents were returning from the temple. So we dropped him off at his house. His parents cooked us a lovely meal beef stew Chinese style. We are actually grateful for the opportunity as we got to know him a little more and we looking forward to spending more days with him.

on our way home

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