Thursday, September 24, 2009

Swine flu

Gosh we were hit by the swine flu virus not a pleasant experience. Suspected place of infection ... the airport. Wayne was down with a fever and was really ill that he was on bed rest. And for Wayne to be on bed rest he is really ill. He is the kind that will push on and on . But he was given injections and told to stay home. He improved and I fell ill went to the doctor and it was swine flu. Meanwhile during this period Oupie was not well too he had another heart attack and mom flew in from Durban to help Ouma out while Oupie was in hospital. So when Oupie's condition improved, she came to spend a few days with us and the day she arrived was the day I got ill and she and Wayne took care of me till I recovered. She then had to go back home and when she got to Durban and started feeling a bit unwell, went to the doctor the following morning and was swine flue. I thankful that we recovered from this disease as lots of people have died from it and we hope that our friends and family out there don't get it.

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