Saturday, December 5, 2009

we have moved !!!

After lots of packing and tears in between and lots of really hard core cleaning we have moved. It was such a painful process because the day we were moving out our friends were moving in to the same house. So I had to double clean. ouch ouch. My legs are so sore that I can't stand for long ... lets say I cleaned literally till I could clean no more . I have had two hours of sleep. The home owners gave us the keys late of Friday evening and the bulbs were out so we couldn't really see. I under estimated how much cleaning I was in for. Turns out everything needed to be washed out literally the cupboards and the wardrobes had soup splattered on the walls, the floors were filthy and bathrooms too, all disguised by the dark evening. Yesterday I couldn't even attend all the church lessons I just went home after sacrament and entered bed. There is still a lot of work to be done . But hopefully we shall get through. Wayne has been very helpful. I'm so lucky to have a husband like him, even though he was tired helped me a lot around the house. He is such a star. I'm grateful for the members who helped us moved and words cant express how much we appreciate their help. Mom and dad are coming this week to help us settle in so I know mom will help out a lot. For now I'm really tired,till then. Will put up some pics after. PS. I still miss the farm so much .

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