Wednesday, May 12, 2010

World cup fever.

Oh yeah!!!! it's here as they are saying it but I don't know if I'm excited about it. its just one of those things I'm a football fan but I think this world cup thing is not getting to me. the strikes going on in the name of the world cup, road construction, I just want things to go back to normal. On the other hand in our house the excitement is going over the roof, Wayne got his tickets and is now so excited to be a part of this world event. In protest I'm not going to watch any matches. When Wayne was buying tickets he called me to tell me about it and tell me he had applied for a ticket to one of the games with me and I kindly declined the offer. Luckily they only approved the games he was going with the boys . so that means I don't get to go. Well for those getting ready to come here . Hope you have a great time and be responsible, cautious and look after yourselves. Otherwise have a good time. there is a lot of football mania if I may call it. and the country is quite colorful except for the person near my work place that blows their vuvuzela at 6.30 am what a freak.

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