Wednesday, June 2, 2010

000 in Durban

Last week on Friday after my last exam, we flew to Durban to celebrate three birthdays , dad turning 60, wends -40 and Brad 30 so it was a triple party. It was really nice to see the family and friends and spend the evening chatting and catching up.
When we booked our tickets we were both excited for the trip but as the days drew nearer i became hesitant in fact I started questioning why i should go..because we have the most gorgeous babies and I felt so guilty leaving them behind. John our dear friend house sat for us and we knew they were in great hands but i was still worried. Anyways after pouring my heart -tears inclusive to Wayne as he drove home,as usual he lifted my spirits up and we were back in business. after a quick packing we were off to the airport on the midnight flight. we were met by Brad which was awesome. we spent the night at their house and left at 6am to mom and dad's place.
At 3pm guests started arriving. Wayne and I thought it was going to be a family you know intimate kind of party but to our surprise over 90 people turned up for the party. The air was filled with laughter amidst drinks and nice brai food. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of the party. I think the last person left after 1am.
Happy birthday Dad, Wendy and Brad again. we wish you guys many more years to come.
We didn't do much on Sunday except for cleaning up and going to church . The comrades marathon was going on so church was at 2pm.
mom and wayne after church
In the evening we went to visit Marc and Sharon and to meet Bella. Bella is a miniature goat and she is the cutest thing ever. we had a great time.
On the following day, we left to see my doctor for my annual check up - everything looks good and I passed with flying colors . After the appointment we met up with dad and went to the beach. Oh was it lovely to spend time with dad and Wayne and just stroll along the beach for four hours. We had lunch and came home all so exhausted Wayne had a swimming appointment with Wendy . So he left immediately and I had a nap.

And Tuesday we went shoe shopping, ran some errands which was fun-saw bella again and had a quick visit with our friends Raynor, Jared and Lauren. Mom took us out to dinner and after that we boarded back home and were thrilled to see our babies again.

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