Friday, June 11, 2010

Soccer Friday

Its certainly here, the world cup. I think its over a month now and it was declared i have no idea by who that every Friday people wore their bafana bafana soccer jerseys to work in support of the country's team. And today my dear sweetheart wore his to work I just had to take a picture this morning at about 6am.Last night as the opening concert for the fifa world cup, we had ward council but I left before welfare so I got to watch some bit of it as I prepared dinner.
Wayne finally got home at about 10pm and we watched the final bit as we had dinner together. Alicia keys' performance was very impressive she is truly one talented artist, didn't feel shakira's vibe I thought she was lip synching but I hope I was wrong. All in all it was a good evening.
We having friends over to watch the opening game tonight and having brai. Wayne's birthday present another toy (projector) so he is excited to use the biggest wall in the house to set up a screen to watch the match I thinks going to be awesome. Its really great to see the unity in this country because of this event.Sports when allowed to evolve can be a great unifying tool and its frustrating when they throw political dirt all over it. Its opened my eyes to see and appreciate this country more. I know I'm not south African but in times like this I'm proud to be married to one and living here.

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