Thursday, June 17, 2010

Youth Day

Yesterday was a bank holiday in south Africa, it was you th day. Wayne explained to me the impact the youth had on the liberation of South African from the apartheid regime. A brief history about it -kids matching in protest against the teachings in schools the black schools. Hector Pietersen being a poster child for this day. He was worried about his sister who had joined the protest and was rushing into the crowd to get her out and he was shot dead by the soldiers. As a result of this picture that was taken a lot of sanctions were given to the country which greatly contributed to the end of apartheid. I do feel sorry for his family abut on the other hand grateful for the impact he had in this country. Don't get me wrong apparently lots of innocent children were killed but he is the one that the journalist captured his picture during this incident.
Well we spent the day at home, it was nice to sleep in and do nothing for a change. Winter is just getting worse. We went a bought a lock after 1pm and Wayne fixed the garage door while I tidied the house and went back to bed. In evening I gave Wayne a hair cut but in the middle of it the machine broke. Fortunately one of our friends came to our rescue. I finished giving him a hair cut after I returned from a youth activity at 9.30pm(watching the soccer with youth. South Africa vs Uruguay. 0-3. the South Africans played a crappy game). And we went to bed at about midnight.

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