Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wayne's second match Slovenia vs USA

Wayne went for his second world cup match on Friday, he was just as excited for this match Slovenia vs USA. Apparently it was an exciting game it was a draw 2: 2. The match was a kind of late one it started at 4pm so he and Wolf left from work to go to soccer city. He sent me some pictures again via his cell phone. The only problem was exiting the stadium after the match, shame they were stuck in traffic for over 3 hours. We were having a Book of Mormon 24 hour challenge that started at 6pm, which meant he wasn't able to be with us at the beginning but he joined us at about 9pm. I was thrilled to see him because I was worrying a bit. Asked if he had another chance, he would do it again. I'm really thrilled that he had a great time, he is such a sports person so for him to be a part of this was awesome.

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