Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Farquasons

When we bought our house and moved out of the farm, the Farquason family moved into the farm. After sometime they moved out and ended up in Centurion. We haven't been able to see them much but we made an appointment in June to see them in August. We finally made it and it was great to see them, hangout and chill. It was lovely to see our little -big kitty as well we looked after him for a month or so before they took him. Our cat Jiji is the sister of their cat Eric. They also have another lovely cat sasha. I was so tempted to steal her. Its amazing how much their cat has grown ad ours is still a little kitten in comparison. Shane prepared a lovely meal cant recall the name but it was delicious. And we played cards the cook family vs the farquasons. The cooks won :) Had lovely dessert and before we knew it it was time to come home. Oh and I ended up going home with a lovely cd lots of British pop thanks to Kevin. Wayne enjoyed chatting/teaching Daelen about kick boxing. Daelen just enrolled in a karate class.
kevin and shane
Eric - jiji's brother

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