Monday, August 9, 2010

Locnville concert

Five weeks ago John's girlfriend Caity called asking if we would like to go to a locnville concert. These guys are the it artists at the moment in South Africa. She wanted to surprise John , he loves this group and we have been forced to listen to these guys every time we hang out with John and basically the whole Eppel family. By Sunday Caity couldn't contain herself the smses, the sleepless nights and tormenting John about the surprise and not giving him any clue almost drove him nuts. As we left home after 5pm for carnivore city, he actually started getting bummed out and eventually Caity caved in and we told him what the evening was all about. We had to endure the locnville cd for an hours' drive to the concert. This concert was sold out and filled with little kids from all ages. John was speechless, Caity so chuffed with herself .... the awesome girlfriend!!

John and Caity

John sung along to most of the songs through out the concert. Wayne and I enjoyed ourselves it was great spending the evening with him by the end I had no voice. They are a great duo and some of their songs are awesome. We left the concert after 12am picked something to eat and headed home. We had a great time thanks to Caity.