Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nice having my baby back

After being on my won since Sunday, I'm thrilled beyond thrilled that i finally have by sweet husband back home from a long business trip to Uganda. Weekend was great though he was recovering from flu we had the young married couples home we were hosting on Saturday. Didn't take pics but it was fun we enjoyed the company of the Dothwaites, Pooe's and a surprise visit from the Arumagum family. To top the cherry we found out our dear friends are expecting their first bay. we are beyond thrilled for them they will be such awesome parents. fast forward Sunday we only attended sacrament and headed back home as Wayne was being picked up at eleven. After he left i made myself lunch and entered bed and cried myself to sleep . I just feel so lost with out my sweetie a round. Well I'm not alone, the cat and dog are besides themselves as well. but we survived and Wayne is back I'm grateful that he is home safe. While in Uganda he was able to see my family which was great despite all the hectic schedule he had he squeezed sometime and went and saw them . I am the luckiest girl to have such a wonderful man. Love him to bits. Thanks hun again.

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