Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Laundry catchup weekend

I feel like it's been raining clothes in our home. I think I last ironed clothes two and half weeks ago. I do the laundry but for the past weeks haven't had the chance to be able to iron them. To a certain extent its my fault. I iron everything I do not fold clothes away into the closets or hang them after the tumble dryer. I do hang and fold but do not put them away.. you get me!! Even the dish clothes have to be ironed hence this pile. Up stairs has been my little insanity store where I keep the clothes waiting to be iron. Its up so I don't have to go there during the week to riddle myself with more guilt about not being on top on my game.
Woke up at 6.45am to rush to the chapel for the ward spring clean and got home more determined to finish the mountains of clothes waiting to get straightened out. After breakfast I helped my dear sweetheart to get ready for his cricket. Oh he plays cricket for some club the Royale Punjab cricket club. he was very excited about it. I had to do the needful.
I then took the long walk of shame upstairs to begin the journey. I ironed for hours and hours and in between had a few breaks to stretch a bit and give my feet some rest from the ache from standing. Jiji was my companion during this tough time. Fudge doesn't do the upstairs thing, he is scared of heights. the space in the stairs freak him out.
the joys of ironing and companionship

sat by the fountain during breaks
I got a lot of ironing done. But didn't finish so next weekend here I come. Some might ask why my sweetie doesn't help ... well when he does help somehow I find myself re-ironing so I would rather do it once and avoid double work. serves me right!!!


thobeka said...

wow! go superwife :))
i struggle just thinking about ironing ONE item of clothing, let alone soooo much!

thecooks said...

hun its not easy but its worth it> i actually find doing house work in general therapeutic.when are we seeing you?miss you terribly.