Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun weekend Brai with Bridget

The weekend was great !!! Cant complain. Our friend Bridget is in the country and we had to met up. Its such a pleasant surprise when we received the text message and phone call to plan the rendezvous. After our morning exercise sessions, yoga and cricket and the chores around the house. I headed out to pick up Bridget and we went shopping. It was fun catching up from where we left and to reminisce about our hey-uni days. I actually enjoyed the girl time.It was great. Wayne remained home and prepared a lovely brai. He did everything from the salads to the main meal all i had to do was bake cake for dessert. We had a lovely evening we watched a re-run of the vmas, laughed our hearts out, Jiji teasing Bridget and her trying to run away from fudge all evening. We are thankful for wonderful friends and good company cant wait to see her tonight.
wayne brai-ing
fudge keeping daddy company
wayne and Bridget
Bridget and I


thobeka said...

i love girl time...

thecooks said...

hun you need to move back here i had planned all these lovely tea parties on saturday mornings with you and now my dreams are crushed crushed!!!!