Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spring equals gardening

On Saturday as previously noted in the post it was time for us to get our hands in the dirt to prepare our garden and vegetable garden. After our Saturday squash session, we headed home and after breakfast began the dirty work. The weather was great which helped a lot. Lots of spring cleaning going on; in the garden.
Our garden was a mess but we didn't want to work on it when we moved in we decided to wait for the right season as per my sweetie's advice. So during the week we went and bought potting soil, seeds and also the grass soil plus dolphin shaped baby basins. Wayne was convince we needed something that was out of the ordinary a,d well we had our little assistant who totally jumped on his ship and I could not argue against two. They do look lovely except that jiji now thinks we had bought her three litter baskets. I mean she has been going outside to potty I don't know what would make her think oh wait its now five months and time to go back to a tray.
There was lots of trimming and cutting not much digging going on as we decided we were not going to plant any grown cover flowers in the garden. We are still trying to kill the ones the previous owners of the place planted what a mission. Wayne then dug the corner where we have been struggling to get some grass to grow and we spread the seeds all over the place and placed the final layer of grass soil.
trimming the bush
the grass seeds
the grass compost

We then went on to sort out the basin vege gardens we collected some soil from the garden for one but the ground was so hard and decided to abort that plan and instead used potting soil for all the basins and added some to the plants. We then set them up by the wall and watered them to balance the hp to get ready to plant the following day.
compost and potting soil for the veges
Wayne then went, prepared and got ready and was off to his cricket practice as decided to stay around to finish with cleaning and planting some flowers in pots to put around the fountain. The pavement and bathing fudge. It got too dark for me to take the pics after we have cleared the garden and cleaned the paving.
I then had to bath our baby Fudge who was not thrilled after he had gotten wet from playing with the sprinkler. Wayne got back from cricket to watch the rugby and I was not done.While at cricket he had an accident, his fingers were hit by the ball so he was in so much pain. We thought he had broken his fingers but after a trip to the ER and three hours of waiting and an x-ray, it turns out they were torn ligaments. So he is being careful with his hand and hoping it heals by Friday so he can play his match on Saturday. I guess boys will be boys.
had Fudge on lock down -the table as he wanted to run into the house before we were done because daddy was home
you can see wayne's strapped fingers and a clean fudge lying next to daddy
And I was done at 8pm. Then set u the fire and we had a brai. It was a wonderful way to end the day. so proud of ourselves especially Wayne for all the hard work he put into our garden.

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