Thursday, September 2, 2010

A tribute to a wonderful mother Alice Oker ♥♥

It's been 13 years today since you got your wings and went to live with our Heavenly father and yet it feels like yesterday, much as I know you are in a better place, I long for your presence to make mine better.
I miss the way you called my name when you were happy with me and even when you were cross with me.
I miss the way you would twirl in your pink dress with your hair braided and held in a pony tail. I miss seeing you in a distance walking in your white work shoes coming back from work.
I miss the lovely surprises you always had in your handbag when you got home from work.
I miss the the day when you came home from work with a kitten in your purse as a surprise for me. I thought that was one of the best days of my life.
I miss the spanks I received for being naught.
I miss seeing the pride in your face after I passed my exams or excelled in a tennis tournament. I miss seeing you wearing your brown pants as you cook dinner. I miss the scent of your body. I miss our trips to the garden to dig for our daily bread harvest or planting or weeding. I miss going to church with you holding my hand all the way. I miss hearing your sweet voice singing hymns in the kitchen or corridor. I miss your wonderful dinners and cakes you baked. I miss you so much. I even miss the times when you injected me.
Most of all I Miss telling you I love you. You were the best I ever knew.
I even miss seeing your feet. Its not been easy for me and it doesn't get any easier in fact its a lot scary as today approaches because the pain feels raw. I wish there was some kind of therapy or cure that would take away the pain but I do gain my strength from the wonderful memories you left me with. I'm forever grateful to you for I wouldn't be the kind of person I am. If I could be half the person you were my life would be worthwhile. You are aways missed mom and the gap you left can never be filled. I'm grateful that families can be together for ever and I cant wait to be with you again. I cant wait to get sealed to you. I'm grateful for your constant presence around me. Every night before I go to sleep I pray that you will meet me in my dreams. This is my prayer. From a daughter who misses you and longs for you dearly.
If one flower in a garden represented each time you put a smile on my face I still wouldn't be able to see the end of that garden. I love you ma.

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