Monday, October 4, 2010

A birthday party and Cricket Match

Saturday started off as a busy one by 6am I was up ironing the laundry and had a yard sale to help out at/shop too. We then attended Aston's one year birthday party and then headed out for my sweetie's first game of the season.
It was a short visit to the birthday party and off Wayne, John and I went to the game. Due to factors beyond our control the game started late the first game started 45 minutes late so all the other games after where late. So we sat and watched some other team play for an hour and half. Wasn't too bad as Wayne was talking me through the game. Don't get me wrong I do understand the game but there are some terms used that I got to add to my cricket vocabulary. Finally the game started. The umpire was one whack one apparently he had never played the game before so it doesn't make sense how the league guys would let him umpire. On the other hand standing from 9am I think he was rather tired and just wanted the game to end. We batted first and Wayne and John were the opening guys and about five guys on our team where sent out unfairly I promise even the opposition agreed, they said out of the five wickets there could have been one genuine one that own through. It was just the sour grapes because they were sent out. The team hit a lot of fours I cant remember the score. Then the opposition took to bat and the after it started getting dark so the game was called off. Our guys did a great fielding job. I enjoyed watching the match and being a part of something Wayne enjoys and had been looking forward to the whole week. I'm definitely going to attend all his games for this season. He had no roasties so its a sign I need to attend every game .... I'm the good luck charm. By the end of the day I was so broken and just wanted to enter bed and call it a day.
getting to ready
the helmet
walking to the pitch
he was out... not impressed by umpire's call
something funny is Caity, john's girlfriend couldn't make it to the game so she sent her day to watch John, after he was balled out he went and sat by Greg who consoled him.
Wayne and John waiting for other team members.
celebrating after a wicket

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