Friday, October 1, 2010

Breakfast in Springs

This weekend was an exhausting one, lots of work and a little play. We had to re-arrange our house after buying some stuff from our friend Desiree who is leaving and mom and dad brought us more stuff from Durban.We got great deals. Sunday morning we headed out to springs to have breakfast with the folks they were in our area code well just outskirts of our area cord visiting oupie to spend sometime with him its been a while. We also dropped off they girls who were being given a ride back to Durban. It was great to see mom and dad. I must admit we were jealous that we didn't get to spend time with them and 2 hours didn't cut it for us. But it was better than nothing and well worth it. We are blessed with great parents cant complain.
breakfastdad with bachMegan,Becky and Emily on right
dad, me and wayne

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Juanique said...

AWWWW!! I love these pics of you Irene! I hope to see more of you on your blog in the future! I cant wait to meet you in person some day!

You guys are busy bodies. I hope all is well. I miss chatting with you. We used to do that a lot of Facebook.

Love, Juanique