Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Doctor's Appointments

Last evening after work we dashed off to our chiropractor; Dr. Wayne's office for Wayne's appointment. I on the other hand I'm needed for "moral" support and well the hot chocolate. The office atmosphere is so calm with lots of signed autograph's from theatrical performances but what amazes me is this. Excuse pic quality I used my phone.
I guess boys will always be boys. Its Liverpool all over the place in the consultation room.Shame Wayne was so sore. I drove for 10 minutes and we pulled off at the road side for him to drive. I wanted to chat to my friend Bridget and Wayne is a nervous passenger so I'd rather he drove.

Our friends Desmond and Karen had a baby girl cute little princes Emma Taylor, we visited them last evening and headed home had pizza in bed while watching CSI and crushed.

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Monique said...

That little Emma is such a cutie. Nothing lot hot chocolate on a cold day! Pizza in bed and T.V. wow sounds like an awesome way to end the day.