Saturday, March 19, 2011

Proudly a supporter of Royal Punjab Challengers

One thing I have learnt is to be specific when praying for something. I prayed deligently for rain and it's been raining every day since last week Friday. Today Wayne and his team had their cricket match, the semi finals and by the time I left home it was pouring and I thought thismatch was not going to happen.
celebrating a wicket
It did happen and Wayne"s team the RPC won.
End of the game
It was 160 to 63. Irony of this win is this very team beat them earlier in the season twice and for them to give them such a big win was awesome.

Im proud of Wayne he played really well. Last week we kitted him so he is as happy as a little kid playing in a puddle of mad.
cheer leaders lol
We then headed off to see dad play at his hockey tournament and the rain couldnt stop. Eventually they decided to cancel the match since it was storming with lightning and all. We hoping for a good game tomorrow. While next weekend we going to watch my babe in the semi finals. woohoo

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