Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gate crashing !!

The day started as a promising one, I woke up this morning all cheerful, note im not a morning person so im usually "very pleasant" in the mornings. The traffic that is usually murder was not bad at all. Got to work and all was well then i checked the news and there it was Nate Dogg -dead. Its such a sad thing when an influencial artist passes on. Move forward I remembered I was supposed to bake a cake for wayne for work but I didnt have a container in which he would take it to work, so bbm around to my dear friend Soh, I had seen hers and I wanted something similar with a cover. Made it to the mall and didnt find what I as looking for. She had offered hers so I drove happy counting down minutes to my yoga. Got to her house and drove up the drive way, and got out of my to get into the house and just as I put my foot on the first step there was my car rolling backwards into their brand new gagrage. I run frantically jump into the car to a hand break that is up but not secure and move my car and boy the damage was great. I almost passed out i wasnt worried about my car but the garage. Eventually wayne got around with john and they helped Antonio fix the gate. Im thankful for angels. Soh was such a gem tring to calm me down .Every time I attempt to close my eyes all i see is my car rolling down. Hope its a better day tomorrow. Done baking so exhausted. Its time to call it a day! Did I say I say its their second gate I crashed into? Yes, I kid you not.

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