Friday, March 11, 2011


The weekend is here and boy i cant wait to sit and vegetate the whole time . We heading off to springs to visit oupie ad ouma. Oh cant wait for the bonding time. Its been long overdue; due to the unsolicited busy weekends we haven't seen our grand parents since December. Yeahhh I kid you not. Hope the weather cools down its so hot and I hate aircon because I get a cold from it and the nights of late are unbearable and I'm not saying I want winter around just some bit of rain would make life bearable.
Our neighbors may want to sacrifice me!! lucky for them I wont be there this weekend so they wont be put through an episode like last weekend as I love the smell of freshly cut grass my eagerness to tackle the lawn and as I mowed the lawn it got so hot, I had to take my clothes off and mow the lawn in my underwear while trying to support my black berry so I could indulge in some snoop doggy dog, ahmad, and tyrese just to distract myself from the heat.
Please some little rain would be just fine for us otherwise naked lawn mowing will be the new black.

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