Monday, March 14, 2011


Its been a great weekend on this side of the planet more details to come my camera batteries crushed, need to charge them to offload pics. No side tracking, my heart goes out to the people in Japan. It's so heart wrenching watching the effects of the earthquake and tsunami.
We have relatives there and I was so worried about them but we got a confirmation from my cousin's wife Ayano letting us know her family and my cousin are we.. Our prayers go out to Japan, we continue to pray for strength, comfort, endurance and faith for them.
I must say I feel it like I was there as my favorite country in the world is Japan and it's on my bucket list. So hopefully one day I will make the trip to that special place.

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The Hart's said...

you will love Japan, i totally fell in love with the place, one day when permits, would love to go back there again :-)