Friday, August 12, 2011

And its a ......GIRL

We are having a princess, yes it is so exciting. For our 20 week check up we headed down to Durban to see the best gynae in the country. (It is my opinion after being refered to the so called best gynae who turned out to be mr crap)We went with mom and dad, everyone was surprised dad agreed to come with but I wasn't.
As I lay on the bed and the Dr. placed that thingy onto my stomach he said he knew what the sex was and I asked to guess and I did right. Wayne thought it was a boy well lots of people thought we were going to have a boy. It was so nice having him hold my hand as the dr showed us what our little GIRL was upto as usual she didnt move much she seemed to be sleeping. Mom and dad got to see their grand child. It was a wonderful family moment. And I cant forget the expression on eveyone's face that morning.
After telling us he was 100 % happy with BC, she has grown a day faster so our due date has been brought forward to 15th Dec. At this rate she may be born in Nov, she is so full of suprises.
We then headed to the hospital to book our bed and 4D scan at the Heart hospital. We headed home with mom making phone calls to share and spread the news and srop off the boys ie Wayne and dad.
And we went on a pink shopping spree to celebrate. She is one spoilt princess even before she makes the grand entrance.

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